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Colin Murdo Macleod - Captain of The GalGael
12 October 1966 - 2 November 2005

The GalGael Trust was born in Glasgow out of the Pollok Free State M77 protest group. Founded in a strong, socially aware, eco-warrior group and driven by the dynamic Gaelic character of Colin Macleod, the project was destined to make an impact. The GalGael are now widely recognised as the urban & rural social template for cultural & community regeneration in Scotland. A training initiative to take pride in. The following images are a small tribute to the Galgael's work over the past decade and most of all, to the work of the great man who was their Captain.

Wolf by Colin Macleod
Colin Murdo Macleod - Loch Lomond July 2005
Orcuan beneath Ben Lomond
Orcuan hand made fenders

Salmon by Colin Macleod

Celtic Serpent Silk by Colin Macleod

Celtic Silk by Colin Macleod
GalGael Silk  by Colin Macleod

Golden Eagle by Colin Macleod

. . and Basket Weaving too!

Colin Macleod's Tiller
Orcuan on Loch Lomond

Salmon Silk by Colin Macleod

Salmon by Colin Macleod

Wild Boar by Colin Macleod

"Colin Macleod - Y ou shall always be deeply and widely missed by those whose hearts and minds you reached."

GalGael Shop Front


Visit the GalGael Workshop at:
15 Fairley Street
G51 2SN
Telephone: +44(0) 141 427 3070

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