Clann Home Fund

Listen O' Listen

Our ultimate goal is to establish a centre of Scottish cultural excellence named Clann Arthur, located non-intrusively on traditional MacArthur lands.

We shall achieve this goal only, by delivery of some part of the historical Clan MacArthur lands back into Clann Arthur or National ownership, from whence such a centre can be developed.

The capital for our venture shall be won by the global sale of our story Clann Arthur - The Untold Story, and associated merchandise.

The sale of our story shall be essential in generating interest regarding the history and culture of Clann Arthur, and engendering belief in the origins and descent of MacArthur from 'King' Arthur from (what is now) Scotland.

We shall work actively with all interested parties in promoting the Heritage of 'King' Arthur as a valuable National asset.

We shall maintain our close relationship with the Clan MacArthur Society and carve our role as being one of the major financial benefactors of the Society.

We will take every advantage of the opportunities available to market quality Scottish products, under the umbrella of Clann Arthur.

In the first instance we shall create our own opportunities by the establishment of an internet web site to promote the name of Clann Arthur and our mission.

Above all we shall work only to protect and promote our most valuable assets - our country, our people and our culture.